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Straight Stairlift In Kildare. January 2019

This week, we installed a new stairlift in Kildare. The customer got in contact after finding us online and we sent our Sales Representative, Enda, out to meet him. The customer explained to Enda that he was struggling with using the stairs, not only because of his age, but because he had an injury in his right leg which was making climbing the stairs increasingly difficult. Enda visited the two-story house which was in Brownstown, Co. Kildare and went through the different types of stair lifts and rails that were available for the straight stair case. After the free no obligation visit and home assessment, we provided the customer with a quote for the Simplicity Plus stairlift, as this was the stairlift which best suited his needs and staircase style. The Simplicity Plus is perfect for straight staircases as it’s extremely neat and tidy and ideal for narrow stairs. The swivel powered foldable seat and footrest make the stair lift compact and with the fixings applied to the steps, there is no need to drill the walls. All these factors made the Handicare Simplicity Plus, the right choice for our customer. The customer opted for the sliding track feature which ensures there is no obstruction at the top or bottom of the stairs. This feature is ideal for tight or narrow spaces, or when a traditional stairlift track might block or restrict access to a doorway or hall. The sliding track differs from a traditional stairlift track because the it moves with the chair up the stairs. This stops it from blocking a doorway or taking up room at the bottom of the stairs when the chair is at the top, this also works the same way at the top, as the chair moves down, the track moves with it. With Enda recommending our bestselling stair lift, all the customer had to do now was choose one of the six available colours. The Simplicity Plus is a stylish stair lift that is controlled by a handheld remote control. It is supplied with two remote controls allowing the user to have one at the bottom and one at the top of the stairs for extra convenience. The stairlift has a smooth start/stop movement and also features a safety sensor which stops the chair from moving if it meets an obstacle. The Simplicity Plus can carry up to 140kgs in weight and has an adjustable height which makes is suitable for almost everyone. The customer was delighted with the exceptional customer service and communication he received from start to finish, and the price and quick installation were an added bonus. After the customer made the decision to use Beechfield Stairlifts, we sent our experienced installation team to the house where they explained to the customer where the stair lift would go, how it’s installed and what the finished product will look like. The job was completed within a few hours, and the stairlift in Kildare was fitted and ready to use. The customer was astonished with how quick the installation took and that out team cleaned up after themselves. Our installation team then showed the customer how to correctly use the stair lift with the controls and explaineed the function of each button to him. The team then set the height adjustment to the perfect level for him leaving the customer delighted with the end result. If you would like to more information about a stairlift in Kildare, please LoCall 1890 989 353 or email and we can come to your home for a free no obligation assessment. We can also provide grant information and assistance for the Mobility Aids Grant which you can apply to your local County Council for on a means tested application. How The Slide Track Works: