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A new slim design, straight stairlift in Stepaside, South Dublin. Our Handicare 1100 straight stairlifts are taking the market by storm, and we had our stairlift expert in South Dublin for another installation. The stairlifts which are new to the market, with an extra slim design can fit the narrowest of stairs making it suitable for every house. The stairlift in Stepaside was to help the elderly couple move from their bedroom which was downstairs, to their living area on the top floor of their house, which had the most amazing views from their fabulous bay windows. Our customers were in touch with us over the phone and we arranged for their area representative to visit their home. We have a new area representative, Michael Healy, who now covers the Stepaside area. When we send any of our area representatives to the homes of our customers, they will talk to our customers and find out why they require a stairlift. The representative will talk through the different options available to the customer and the benefits of each. Once they’ve chosen a stairlift, our rep will design them a 3D image of what the stairlift would look like on their staircase using a specialised photography system. We will provide them with a no-obligation quote for the stairlift they have chosen and if they’re happy to proceed, we arrange an installation day suitable for them our experts will fit the stairlift in Stepaside. The 1100 stairlift is the slimmest straight rail on the market and because of this, it can be placed close to the wall which frees up more space on the stairs. With the Handicare 1100, you can also fold the seat, armrests and footrests to maximise the space for other users on the stairs. The powered option of a swivel seat will turn you on to the landing making sure you can get on and off the stairlift safely. The easy-to-use chair will simply begin moving once you push and hold the under arm toggle in the direction you want to go, and it will stop once you release it. The no tooth rack means there will be no grease or oil present to collect dust or dirt which makes it safe to clean and easy to clean. The Handicare 1100 has a continuous charge feature allowing the stairlift to work during a power outage and is powered by a 4 wheel drive technology with quiet and reliable motors. Like all Handicare stairlifts, it comes with safety sensors that will stop the chair should it meet an obstacle ascending or descending the stairs. All of these features made it an easy decision for the client. Our installation team member fitted the stairlift in Stepaside in less than a day and after the fitting, he demonstrated the stairlift for the new user showing them how it transcended up and down the stairs and how the swivel options work. Our team member also showed them how to fold the seat and footrests and informed them of each function on the controls. PJ, the stairlift installer, cleaned up the area in which he was working and left the house like he was never there. If you would like to more information about a stairlift in Stepaside or the South Dublin area, please LoCall 1890 989 353 or email and we can come to your home for a free, no-obligation assessment. We can also provide grant information and assistance for the Mobility Aids Grant which you can apply to your local County Council on a means tested application.