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Stairlift In Louth. February 2019

Another busy week for our stairlift team, this time they fitted a curved stairlift in Louth. The customer from Dundalk, Co. Louth, needed the stairlift to aid them in their ability to use their stairs. The Beechfield Stairlift Process begins with a phone call to our sales team, an assessment from our Area Representatives, they then receive a quote and if they then decide to go with Beechfield Healthcare, one of our installation team members will call out and install the stairlift.  Our customer got in touch with our sales team over the phone they put them in contact with an Area Representative for Co. Louth, Enda O’Connor. Enda called to the home in Dundalk to have a quick chat with the customer and for a free assessment of their stairs. The customer will then receive a quote from the sales team and it’s up to their own personal decision if they want to follow through with Beechfield to fit their stairlift, which they did. Our customer in Louth chose the Handicare 2000 Simplicity because of its dual rail which provides extra stability when using it. They chose a styled seat with a foldable function that makes the stairlift more discrete. Their seat also as a swivel function so when it lands at the top/bottom of the stairs, it turns to the user into a better position and assist them getting off the stairlift. The discrete folodable function on the seat and footplate allows the stairs to be clear when being used by other people in the home. The remote-controlled lift comes with two controls which can be kept at separate ends of the stairs. The rails come in three standard colours of a light grey, gunmetal grey or brown with a neutral sand coloured seat that’s easy to clean. This customer chose a brown rail and a sand coloured seat. A big benefit of the Handicare 2000 Simplicity stairlift is the built-in safety feature for meeting obstacles on the stairs. If the stairlift meets an obstacle, it will automatically stop and not move again until the obstruction is removed. Once the customer was happy with the design and prices, we scheduled our team of stairlift installers to visit the home in Dundalk. The team began their installation by fitting stanchions to the steps of the stairs. The stanchions are attached to the steps to ensure there is no damage to the walls. The customised dual rails are then attached to the stanchions and will neatly follow the angles on the stairs. The stairlift installation was complete and ready to use within a few hours and once that was finished, the user sits on the seat and our installation team adjust the chair to suit the user. Our team member will then show the user how to correctly use the stairlift with the controls that come with the stairlift, they will also show them how the powered footplate and seat automatically fold once the user has left the seat. After all of this is complete, they will then clean up the area where they were working before leaving. The customer was extremely pleased with the standard of work that they received from Beechfield Stairlifts including the customer service and the speed at which they had the stairlift fitted. If you would like to more information about a stairlift in Louth, please LoCall (0818) 278 332 or email and we can arrange for Enda to call to your home for a free no obligation assessment. We can also provide grant information and assistance for the Mobility Aids Grant which you can apply to your local County Council for on a means-tested application.